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The Horizon News Team ...

is made up of 12 crackerjack fifth-grade reporters. They come to the news room every morning at 7:40 to produce the Channel Four Morning News broadcast. The students' responsibilities include:

  • writing scripts
  • operating the cameras, switchboard, soundboard and computers
  • performing as news anchors
  • directing the broadcast
  • interviewing guests
  • photographing Terrific Kids of the Week

Once the students have learned every job they begin to add their own creative flair to the news broadcast. We are proud of these bright students. Their hard work keeps the Horizon Elementary students and staff well-informed and entertained.

Horizon Elementary's Safety Patrols

Horizon Elementary is so fortunate to have a very qualified and responsible group of student representatives patrolling our school campus.

The students that serve as safety patrols promote positive safety practices, as well as, monitor pupils in the morning and throughout dismissal.

Qualifications for patrols include:  observance of the school code of conduct, maintaining a high grade point average, being responsible and dependable, punctuality, being courteous, and displaying exemplary behavior.

Those selected must have the recommendation of three teachers.

There are currently thirty-four fifth grade students with a Captain, Lieutenant, and several students voted in as Sergeant At Arms.

Students interested in becoming a patrol must submit an application toward the end of their fourth grade school year which should include parent approval and teacher recommendations. Those selected will begin training the last few weeks of school and patrol throughout their fifth grade year.